2020 Census invitations are coming in March

2020 Census invitations are coming in March

What is the census?

Every 10 years, the US Census Bureau undertakes a mammoth task: counting all the people residing in the United States. The count is mandated by the Constitution.

Why is it important?

The count affects the allocation of funding for our community’s public resources (e.g., roads, hospitals, schools), how we plan for the future, and our voice in government.

For Minnesota, this census is particularly important, since we risk losing a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Learn more about why this census is important for Minnesota.

What questions are on the census?

The 2020 Census will ask for the following information for each person in your household on April 1:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race and Hispanic/Latino origin
  • Relationship to the person filling out the form

You should answer the questions for everyone who lives in your household and anyone staying with you who does not have another permanent residence. Do not count visitors or family members who do not live with you.

The census does not have a citizenship question in 2020.

Learn more details about what will be on the census.

How can I complete it?

For the first time, in 2020 the U.S. Census Bureau will accept responses online. The process will be quick and secure. You can respond to the census in less time than it takes to finish your morning coffee. You’ll still be able to respond by mail. To learn more about what to expect, visit 2020census.gov.

Important dates:

   Mid-March: The U.S. Census Bureau will start mailing 2020 Census invitations. You can respond online or by phone as soon as your household receives an invitation.

   April 1, 2020: The official Census Day. That means you should fill out your response with the information about your household that will be true on April 1.

   Mid-April: Households that do not respond online or by phone will receive a paper questionnaire in mid-April. In May, census takers will start going door-to-door to homes that still have not responded.

Need help?

Find contact info and FAQ here.

Or, call or come in to the library for help.