Library Literati

This group of dedicated readers form a unique to Stillwater Library kind of book club. All volunteers, they don’t meet in person to talk among themselves, but write reviews to alert and inform other Stillwater Library readers of new book ideas.

Who are the Library Literati in 2018/2019?

They are your neighbors and they describe themselves this way:
Jayber Crow*: seasoned curious and concerned reader of mostly non-fiction
Francie*: poet/writer/omnivorous reader/teacher/advocate full of hope
Zanny: wife and mom to three grown kids, singer, maker and church professional who is life-long lover of a good nostalgic read, memoir and/or historical fiction
Nancy Drew*: curled up with tea reader mostly of women’s fiction
John: lifelong reader of fiction moving more toward non-fiction trying to understand our current social and political environment
Daenerys*: Professional mother of 4 dragons who enjoys reading young dragon literature!
Leslie: lifelong reader who will try any book once
Jon: semi-retired, gentle soul and eclectic reader

The following books are suggestions made by these dedicated readers! They offer a variety of interests and directions. Enjoy.

Recently Enjoyed Favorites: Fiction

Thought Provoking Nonfiction:

Where can I find more Literati suggestions?

A binder in the Literati corner (near our staff desk) holds book reviews. The Library FaceBook page publishes their suggestions on Saturdays and suggested books are marked with special Library Literati bookmarks throughout the library.

How could I join this group of reviewers?

Just let us know you might be interested.