Art Gallery

In its gallery the library mounts a bimonthly show which features the work of contemporary area artists. In addition, the library has a permanent collection of paintings, prints, and photographs displayed throughout the building. This collection includes works by Jo Lutz Rollins and other historic Minnesota artists. In July, 2013, a permanent sculpture by Minnesota sculptor Kinji Akagawa was installed on the Johnson Terrace. Commissioned by the Huelsmann Foundation, the Akagawa sculpture is in memory of Richard Huelsmann, the Foundation’s founder and area philanthropist. Mr. Huelsmann also donated a large number of the paintings in the library collection.

Current Show

March-April 2018 The Secret Camino by Ann Gregory

In June 2017, artist Ann Gregory walked the Camino Lebaniego in northern Spain, This exhibit is the result of that trip, which continues the tradition of copying the Beatus manuscript, albeit perhaps about 900 years after the last official copy. Selected miniatures from various versions have inspired these contemporary versions that are mostly executed as enamel on tile, with one ‘signature’ oil on canvas. They are complemented by several landscapes, also oil on canvas, seen along the way to discovering the Beatus manuscripts. A fellow pilgrim, Professor Neville Strumpf from the University of Pennsylvania will be speaking at the reception on the pilgrimage.

Recent Shows


March-April  The Secret Camino by Ann Gregory
January-February FLORA AND FAUNA Creating Art With Wool -One Loop at a Time


November-December: Diana Hatchitt
September-October: Digital Vision Quests by The Western Wisconsin Photography Club
July-August: Virginia Lovness
May-June: Jimmy Longoria
March-April 2017: Tim Nyberg
January-February 2017 Town and Garden by the St. Croix Valley Area Rug Hookers

Historical List of Gallery Show

Historical List of Gallery Shows


November-December 2016 Pebbles in the River  by Tomy O’Brien
September-October 2016 Emily Haddad
July-August 2016 Gregg Rochester
May-June 2016 Oil and Water with Dianne Ginsberg and Jeanette Richards
March-April 2016 Laurie Schneider
January-February 2016 Rug Hookers


November-December 2015 Myrlah Olson
September 2015- October 2015 David Parker
July 2015-August 2015 Melissa Belanger
May 2015-June 2015 Sharon Weiser
March-April 2015  Every Day Brave with Douglas Limon, Rachel Limon, Gavino Limon, Melvin Losh & Tom Lindfors
January-February 2015 Wynn Davis


August -September 2014 Marie Olofsdotter
July-August 2014 Sue Hedin
May-June 2014 Edie and Richard Abnet
March-April 2014 Beverly Van Dell
January-February 2014 Carl Cedergren