Library Changes

Library Changes

If you’ve been in the library recently, you may have noticed some changes. We have opened some areas to allow for more quiet and group study and plan on offering you more selections of books to choose from right when you walk in the 3rd street door. We’ve had some questions about the changes, so we decided to elaborate.

1. Why the shift in shelving and collection?

This shift came as a recommendation from the Library Strategic Planning process which discussed opening up additional space for community interaction. A facility study directed this shift as well as having all of the staff at a single desk. (Recommendations were based on current and future trends in library service delivery, offering a single point of service, and allowing staff to have more patron interaction in more community spaces.)

The shift in shelving and collections opened up an area to the left of entry which will become a Library Welcome Center and an expanded reading room in the newspaper/ periodical area.

2. Who paid for the shift?
The Library Board planned and approved funding to facilitate the move of shelving and collection. Shelving not used in the move is being stored at Public Works facility for future use if needed. The library staff worked hard to make sure that the changes were as economical as possible. The most significant cost in our most recent change was solely the labor required to move shelves.

No foundation funds were used for this shift. A private donor is paying for teen room enhancements.

3. Was any collection reduced due to this shift?
No DVDs or CDs were withdrawn as part of this shift. All audio visual materials were moved to shelving near the computers in the former reference area. Reference materials are now interfiled in the nonfiction section and can be checked out, following Washington County Library’s example. The only collection that was reduced during this shift was previous year’s copies of periodicals whose information becomes dated more rapidly, such as People magazine and some reference items that had become outdated.

4. Will there be any additional changes to the library?
At this time there will be no additional changes to library spaces.