August 2016 Audio Suggestions


The Vegetarian*, by Han Kang. 2016. OneClickdigital. Winner of the 2016 Man Booker International Prize.  A rather strange, but beautifully written novel about marriage, family, control, obsession and estrangement.

All the Bright Places**, by Jennifer Niven. 2015. OneClickdigital. 9 Discs. Teen.  A young adult heart wrenching love story about teens who intend to kill themselves. It is unclear who saves whom.  It is an intense and gripping novel that deals with death, grief, and living with bi-polar disorder. Soon to be a motion picture. For fans of Eleanor and Park.

What Elephants Know*, by Eric Dinerstein. 2016. OneClickdigital. 6 Discs. Grades 4-7. Set in the jungles of Nepal, an abandoned boy is taken in by the owner of an elephant stable, and nurtured by Devi Kali, an affectionate female elephant. He struggles to find his place in the world in this story which brings the jungle to life.

Everything, Everything**, by Nicola Yoon. 2015. OnceClickdigital. 6 Discs. Teen.  A young adult novel about a girl who is allergic to the outside world and a boy who moves into the house next door. A heartfelt story about love, life, and risk with a surprising denouement.

Pax**, by Sara Pennypacker. 2016. OneClickdigital. 5 Discs. For Grades 4-7. This is an engaging story of a young boy who has a very close relationship to an orphaned fox he raised from a kit. A war that begins to intrude on his neighborhood forces him to leave the fox in the wild. The story then alternates between the point of view of the fox and the boy as they journey back towards each other illustrating power of relationships, loyalty, and growth.



Born With Teeth**, by Kate Mulgrew. 2016. OneClickdigital. A memoir of the hardworking acclaimed actress Kate Mulgrew who started out in her teens in the television soap opera Ryan’s Hope. This is a fascinating and engaging inside view into the life of a remarkable actress filled with romance, adventure, and heartbreak.

The Witches*, by Stacy Schiff. 2015. OneClickdigital. 15 Discs. This is a serious in-depth account of the Salem witches and their trials.  Besides being psychologically thrilling and terrifying, Schiff puts the events into a historical perspective and also explains how this episode in history shaped the future republic.

The Year of Yes: How to Dance it Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person**, by Shonda Rhimes. OneClickdigital. This was a very enjoyable and enlightening book about a year in the life of the uber-successful Shonda Rimes, the well-known script writer of Gray’s Anatomy, producer and head of the production company Shondaland.  She was an expert at declining invitations, but vowed to spend a year saying ‘Yes’ to everything. Funny, entertaining, and candid with lots of take-aways.