Teen Advisory Board

Did you know the Stillwater Library has a Teen Advisory Board?

We love teens at Stillwater Public Library! In addition to a Teen Library that has its own computer area and study room, we also have a Teen Advisory Board that meets monthly to talk about what SPL can do to make the library a place teens want to be. Through TAB, teens have a voice in materials selection and programming, while having a good time hanging out. Did we mention snacks?

Alex N., President of the 2015-2016 TAB, is a student at St. Croix Preparatory in Bayport. Alex is 15, but based on our interview, you wouldn’t know it. Ask for a book recommendation and he points to Plato’s Five Dialogues and his first choice of lunch date is the Dalai Lama to discuss civil rights. As someone who has been coming to the library for most of his life, Alex is a living example of the library’s mission to facilitate lifelong learning. Here are a few more things we learned about Alex in our chat.

Why are you such a big fan of the library?
I love the library because of the people, the books, and the knowledge. I have met some of the coolest and smartest people I know at the library. Books have been an integral part of my life as long as I can remember. There is a quote I really like by [popular YA author] John Green “I hate the idea that when it comes to books and learning, hard is often seen as the opposite of fun.”

You recommended the movie The Martian, which was interesting because it was a more current selection than your book and movie recommendations. What did you like about it?
The Martian recommendation was primarily based on the fact that I went to see the movie with my dad. We loved how science-focused the movie was, and how it was almost as much about science as it was about Mark Watney, the main character. I also liked The Avengers.

Why should teens join TAB?
You get to have a voice in what goes on in the library.
TAB is open to teens in 7th-12th grade. If you are interested in becoming a part of the library through TAB, ask for an application to join. Some cool things that TAB has done include Teen Tech Week, volunteering at “Take Your Child to the Library Day”, helping to create programs for teens, and celebrating winter with a party at SPL. TAB members also get the opportunity to shape the teens of tomorrow by volunteering at other youth library programs. Come see what the fuss is about!